Pyrates and Chiefs: Twisted Rules

The Pyrates Confraternity (PC) a.k.a. the National Association of Seadogs (NAS) has many self-ascribed ‘codes of honour’ it often fails to keep because it lacks the requisite focus to enforce them consistently. Then there are those codes they cannot keep but violate secretly – the “Don’t Be Caught” or “Don’t Flaunt It” rules apply. NAS frowns upon its members procuring or accepting chieftaincy titles under the edict of “Against Moribund Convention”. Princes though, are permitted to be what they are by birth and ascend the throne of rulership when necessary. However, last weekend the Pyrates Cap’n of NAS International convened an emergency international convention at very short notice, apparently not to resolve unforeseen developments affecting the confraternity but to celebrate the conferring of a chieftaincy title upon him. A NAS rule was broken conspicuously by its own leader with convenience and ‘legitimacy’ of an official function. Continue reading “Pyrates and Chiefs: Twisted Rules”