The Pyrates Association is administered as a semi-lateral organisation i.e. a non-hierarchical organisation with designated responsibility bearers who coordinate certain affairs. That a member serves as a coordinator of communications or ceremonies does not give him powers over his peers. Therefore, the Oceaneer (the magister) and the Coxswains (the tribunes) are leaders that are not vertically elevated in authority over other members. The Pyrates Association is governed by decision-making based purely on consensus and every voice counts in person or by proxy. The folly of the “leader being right always” is practically abhorred in any form, shade or magnitude. The authority of the leaders is defined by consensus.

We have created an evolving “book of resolutions” that will provide both a “tradition of precedence” and the “identification of obsolescence” in the governance of our organisation.

Our motto “Be Good Not Lucky” is engendered to promote a strong moral ethos but discourage heartless opportunism within the organisation.