Invitation to Participate in Niger Delta Observation Project (NDOP)

The Pyrates Association are currently seeking members of the public who have first experience of Niger Delta pollution and ecocide to interview. The interviews will be based on personal experiences of the impacts and conditions witnessed while living in the region.

The people we are interested in hearing from must not necessarily be originally from the Niger Delta by heritage. Niger Deltans, Nigerians and non-Nigerians with short to long term experience of the region are welcome to participate. At the moment, we are focusing on participants that are living in Europe as our pilot activity. If we get enough participants we may conduct a twin activity for those ‘forced’ into diaspora because of the Niger Delta problem.

The interviews will be either video-recorded or unrecorded (electronically) depending on the consent of the participants and will contribute to the production of documentary film and a publication.

To register your interest in participating in the NDOP or for further details please send us a email at or leave a voice message on (+44) 207 394 8650.  Thank you.

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